Aaron Alter, Composer
Solar Rays for Piano Trio (Piano, Violin and Violoncello) is a reinterpretation of the Jazz song form with the violinist acting as the "singer."  The title "Solar Rays" came to me when I thought of two people in love, all alone in a large grassy field on a clear summer day, looking up to the sun and feeling the heat and seeing the light and feeling the love for each other at the same time. 

After the song theme is played by the violinist, each instrument has a solo that is all written-out, but sounds as if it were improvised.  Each solo has a personality of its own.  The Violin solo is virtuosic, the 'Cello solo is passionate, the Piano solo is monumental.  After the solos, the song theme returns, followed by a powerful coda.  Solar Rays would be a great encore or ending to a concert of music of any genre.

Click Here to view the video of the World Premiere performance of Solar Rays in its original Piano Trio version by the Sheridan Solisti Trio (Susan Merdinger, piano, Michaela Paetsch, violin and Thor S. Sigurdson, 'cello.)
The piano trio version of Solar Rays was awarded a Silver Medal in the composition division by the Global Music Awards in 2018.

Solar Rays, in a brand new Jazz Big Band arrangement, was premiered on March 5, 2018 at the Cutting Room in New York.  Click Here to view the YouTube video of the performance.
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