La Joie de Vivre (inspired by the painting by Picasso) for Flute and Piano

La Joie de Vivre was inspired by the painting by Picasso of the same name. That painting shows a Mediterranean scene with mythological figures, such as satyrs and a centaur and a nude woman playing music and dancing. The music goes through several transformations. It begins in a modal jazz style, but later evolves into folk-rock, blues-rock and finally ends with a folk dance, all of which evoke the spirit of the Picasso painting.

La Joie de Vivre was recorded by the flutist Iwona Glinka and the pianist Vicky Stylianou the album entitled "Zayin" on the Phasma Music label (distributed by Naxos.) 
Please click on the Play button on the YouTube link below to hear the recording.

On February 24, 2023, La Joie de Vivre was performed by the flutist Tracy Doyle and the pianist Ronaldo Rolim at the Society of Composers Region VIII Conference at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Below is the YouTube video of that performance.

La Joie de Vivre is published by Universal Edition. Please Click Here for more information on how to get scores and parts.