Welcome to the website of the composer, Aaron Alter.  Please click on the Compositions link here or on the Compositions menu above for listings of current compositions by category. When you click on each composition category, you can click on the individual composition title to open a page with descriptions and links to the audio or video of performances.

With the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth this year, two of Aaron's works might be particularly interesting to pianists desiring to perform something new, yet in the spirit of Beethoven's works.  Please click on the titles below for more information about:

HammerKlavierOlaLola for Piano Solo (or any number of pianos)
Piano Sonata (inspired by Beethoven)

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The German YouTube channel "Weltklassik am Klavier" did an extensive interview (in English) with Aaron on June 2, 2020.
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The music software company, Avid, did an interview with Aaron and published an article based on the interview on their website, avid.com .  
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