Earth Cantata for Chorus and Chamber Orchestra (inspired by the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach)

Earth Cantata for Chorus and Chamber Orchestra was inspired by the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. While there are no direct quotes of Bach's music in Earth Cantata, it uses the form of Bach's sacred cantatas as a starting point and embraces their deep spiritual and emotional weight and richness, while fusing influences of Jazz, Rock and Pop music in a unique and fresh way. The text is a poetic interpretation of the biblical Psalm 66 by the Elizabethan poet Mary Sidney Herbert, from around the year 1599. Earth Cantata was commissioned by the New Mexico Performing Arts Society and was performed in two special concerts on March 3, 2023 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and on March 5, 2023 in Placitas, New Mexico. In addition to the concerts, Aaron was featured in two "Meet the Composer" events in early February. 

Earth Cantata is published by Universal Edition. Please Click Here for more information on how to get scores and parts.

Below are the video recordings for each movement.

Earth Cantata - 1st Movement (Fantasy on an Original Chorale)
Aaron's original chorale evokes Bach while adding a Rock-inspired undertone.


Earth Cantata - 2nd Movement (Fantasy on The Art of Fugue theme)
Bach's Art of Fugue theme provides the momentum for a Rock-inspired musical journey.


Earth Cantata - 3rd Movement (Aria for Soprano) - Camille Tierney, soprano soloist and Amanda Talley, oboe
It resembles a Bach aria, but transitions gradually into more modern territory.


Earth Cantata - 4th Movement (Find Bach!) (Duet for Tenor and Bass)
André García-Nuthmann, Tenor; Andrew Paulson, bass and Linda Marianiello, flute
Bach influence and Modern Jazz meet. The word B-A-C-H is spelled out musically! Can you find Bach?


Earth Cantata - 5th Movement (Fantasy on an Original Chorale)
This movement is a recap of the first movement, with a more final ending.