Sunset on the Spire (Introspective Blues #2) for Soprano voice and Jazz Quintet

Sunset on the Spire (Introspective Blues #2) is an Art Song for Soprano Voice that is in the tradition of Art Songs by Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, but with a more modern instrumental accompaniment of a Jazz Quintet of Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Double-Bass and Drum Set.

The text is by the early 20th century American poet, Elinor Wylie. The beginning and end of the song are in a Blues style, while the middle section is in a style that is more Brahms-inspired. The performers were: Ljiljana Winkler, Soprano (to whom the song was dedicated); Peter Oswald, Trumpet; Dennis Brandner, Tenor Saxophone; Jai Jeffryes, Piano; Troy Rinker, Jr., Double-Bass; Lee Jeffryes, Drum Set and Gene Pritsker, Conductor.

Sunset on the Spire was premiered by Ljiljana Winkler and the CompCord Ensemble as part of Composers Concordance Presents "Art of the Art Song" November 29, 2023 at DROM, New York City.
The video below was by James Lane (Hot Indie Media.)

Sunset on the Spire by Elinor Wylie (abridged by Aaron Alter)
All that I dream
By day or night
Lives in that stream
Of lovely light.

Here is the earth,
And there is the spire;
This is my hearth,
And that is my fire.

From the sun's dome
I am shouted proof
That this is my home,
And that is my roof.

And I am wooed
From the moon's brink.

And the days go over,
And the nights end;
Here is my lover,
Here is my friend.

Sunset on the Spire is published by Universal Edition. Please Click Here for more information on how to get scores and parts.