Variations on "Lo Lanu Ha-Shem" for 'Cello and Piano

Variations on Lo Lanu Ha-Shem for 'Cello and Piano are based on my setting of Psalm 115 for women's chorus and instrumental ensemble (Please click here to go to the original choral version of Lo Lanu Ha-Shem.)  The theme is varied right at the start, followed by three variations.  The first variation is sprightly, the second is slow and passionate, while the third variation has a driving rhythm, reminiscent of a Middle-Eastern dance. Variations on Lo Lanu Ha-Shem won a Silver Medal from the 2021 Global Music Awards.

Variations on Lo Lanu Ha-Shem for 'Cello and Piano are dedicated to and were premiered by the Cracow Duo (Jan Kalinowski, 'cello and Marek Szlezer, piano) in an online concert from Kraków, Poland on September 13, 2020, sponsored by the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.  The video of the performance is below.