Piano Sonata (Inspired by Beethoven)

Piano Sonata (Inspired by Beethoven), My New Beginning - Part I is a compelling blend of musical tradition with newer developments. The work was inspired by the first movement of Beethoven's "Waldstein" Sonata, Op. 53.  Even though there are no direct quotes of Beethoven's music in the Sonata, it is influenced by the form and proportions of each section of the first movement of the "Waldstein", as well as Beethoven's exploitation of the sonority of the piano. The composition is written in a big, orchestral style and projects the full range and sound of the piano. The Sonata is dedicated to the Steinway artist, Susan Merdinger, who premiered the work in November 2018 and has performed the Sonata many times.  Susan released an album with the Sonata in 2020 (the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven's birth.) The album, entitled "American Melting Pot" has already received two awards. It won the Best Classical Album of 2019 by the Clouzine International Music Awards and a Gold Medal from the Global Music Awards in November, 2019. It was a third place winner of the 2020 Ernst Bacon Memorial Award for American Music in The American Prize in the Solo Professional Division. Please click here to view the album.

Please click on the Play button on the Spotify link below to hear the recording of Aaron Alter's Piano Sonata (Inspired by Beethoven) from Susan Merdinger's award-winning CD "American Melting Pot."