Composers Concordance Presents "The Process Sessions", a live recording session from Kostabi World

6:00pm Eastern Time (3:00pm Pacific Time)

Session #1 Featuring: Jay Rodriguez - sax and Gene Pritsker - electric guitar Composers Concordance Launches its new series: 'Process Sessions'. A live recording of a short album in front of a small audience/panel of musicians/artists (who are invited and asked to comment on the recording itself) and an online Live-stream audience. After the recording, Gene Pritsker will edit and mix the album and it will be released on Composers Concordance BandCamp page.

Robert C. Ford - Live Stream director

LiveStream Link:

Session #1: Jay Rodriguez - sax and Gene Pritsker - electric guitar

Repertoire: 1. My Unscheduled Fate - Gene Pritsker, 2. Untitled Dream - Jay Rodriguez, 3. Brazilian Summer - Mark Kostabi, 4. Lament Prayer and Renewal - Aaron Alter

Panel: Milica Paranosic, Mark Kostabi, Robert C. Ford, Charles Coleman, Roger Trefousse, Seth Boustead, Dan Cooper and Dave Soldier