Aaron Alter's music to be included in the Classical Discoveries radio program on WPRB-FM 103.3 and https://wprb.com

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WPRB-FM Radio 103.3, Princeton, NJ

Here is a list of some of the works and composers to be presented: Two-Piano Suite by Jamaican composer, Eleanor Alberga (1949- ) Time and Again (2022) by American composer Bruce Babcock (1958- ) David’s Psalms by Ukrainian composer, Hanna Havrvlets (1958- ) The Journey from “A Saami Requiem” by Finnish composers, Gunnar Idenstam (1961- ) and Ola Stinnerbom Midsummer Passage by American composer, Doug Lofstrom Concerto No. 1 for tabla and percussion quartet by American composer, Peyton MacDonald (1974- ) Truro Canticles (2017) by British/Bulgarian composer, Dobrinka Tabakova (1980- ) Clarinet Concerto by Dutch composer, Theo Verbey (1959-2019) Plus music by Aaron Alter, Tania Eshaghoff, Paul Lansky, Galina Ustvolskaya and others and more as time allows On 103.3FM Princeton NJ. or https://wprb.com Celebrating its 25th year on the air Sound files after the broadcast at: https://www.mixcloud.com/MarvinRosen/