Aaron Alter's Earth Cantata will be premiered by The New Mexico Bach Society

 — (MST, UTC-07) — (MST, UTC-07)

Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel, 50 Mount Carmel Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Aaron Alter's "Earth Cantata" (inspired by the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach) for chorus and chamber orchestra will be premiered by the New Mexico Bach Society in a concert that also includes Johann Sebastian Bach's cantata No. 8. Tickets are $20 for Students with open seating, $25 for Family with Open Seating, $25 for LiveStream only, $30 for Students with reserved seating, $45 for Seniors with open seating, $50 Adult with open seating, $55 Family with reserved seating, $55 Senior with reserved seating, $60 Adult with reserved seating. The ticket link is below.

New Mexico Bach Chorale: Jennifer Perez and Camille Tierney, sopranos; Esther Moses and Jacqueline Zander-Wall, altos; André García-Nuthmann and Jordan Jones, tenors; Andrew Paulson and Tim Willson, basses

New Mexico Bach Society Players: Linda Marianiello, flute; Valerie Potter, flute; Rebecca Ray, oboe d’amore; Amanda Talley, oboe and English horn; Mike Gruetzner, clarinet; Stefanie Przybylska, bassoon; Michael Walker, French horn; Elizabeth Baker and Carla Kountoupes, violins; Gail Robertson, viola; Sally Guenther, cello; Deborah Dunham, string bass; Jeremy Reger, piano

Sponsored by Michael Middleton & Patrick Ryan, Norman and Suzanne George

Students-$20-30, Family $25-$55 Family, LiveStream only-$25, Seniors-$45-$55, Adults-$50-$60