Aaron Alter's "Earth Cantata" (inspired by the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach) for chorus and chamber orchestra will be premiered by the New Mexico Bach Society in a concert that also includes Johann Sebastian Bach's cantata No. 8. Tickets are $20 for Students with open seating, $25 for Family with Open Seating, $25 for LiveStream only, $30 for Students with reserved seating, $45 for Seniors with open seating, $50 Adult with open seating, $55 Family with reserved seating, $55 Senior with reserved seating, $60 Adult with reserved seating. The ticket link is below.

New Mexico Bach Chorale: Jennifer Perez and Camille Tierney, sopranos; Esther Moses and Jacqueline Zander-Wall, altos; André García-Nuthmann and Jordan Jones, tenors; Andrew Paulson and Tim Willson, basses

New Mexico Bach Society Players: Linda Marianiello, flute; Valerie Potter, flute; Rebecca Ray, oboe d’amore; Amanda Talley, oboe and English horn; Mike Gruetzner, clarinet; Stefanie Przybylska, bassoon; Michael Walker, French horn; Elizabeth Baker and Carla Kountoupes, violins; Gail Robertson, viola; Sally Guenther, cello; Deborah Dunham, string bass; Jeremy Reger, piano

Sponsored by Michael Middleton & Patrick Ryan, Norman and Suzanne George

Students-$20-30, Family $25-$55 Family, LiveStream only-$25, Seniors-$45-$55, Adults-$50-$60