Aaron Alter's new Art Song, entitled "Sunset on the Spire (Introspective Blues #2)" will be premiered by the soprano Ljiljana Winkler and the CompCord Ensemble in New York on November 29th at a special concert by Composers Concordance entitled "The Art of the Art Song." The text is by the poet Elinor Wylie. Also on the program are works by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Seth Boustead, Vicky Cheng, Dan Cooper, Melanie Mitrano, Amy X Neuburg, Gene Pritsker, Emiliano Revert, Marina Vesic and Joseph Waters.

The performers are: Ljiljana Winkler, soprano voice

CompCord Ensemble: Peter Oswald - trumpet, Dennis Brandner - tenor saxophone, Jai Jeffryes - piano, Troy Rinker, Jr. - double-bass and Lee Jeffryes - drum set

$20 in advance+ $3.18 fee, $30 at the door