On January 27th at 7:00pm at the 2024 NWEAMO festival at San Diego State University, the amazing soprano Ljiljana Winkler, who is coming all the way from Germany, and Composers Concordance, including superstar composer and guitarist Gene Pritsker and the "Wall St. Poet" Robert C. Ford, who are coming all the way from New York, will be performing in a very exciting concert. Aaron Alter's art song "Fire and Sleet and Candlelight" is on this intriguing and stylistically-diverse program of new music. Also on the program are works by Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Debra Kaye, Milica Paranosic/Brian DuFord, Gene Pritsker and Joseph Martin Waters, the poetry of Roger Aplon as well as top-notch local performers Beth Holub, viola, Todd Rewoldt, alto saxophone and Lesi Mei, piano. Many thanks to the fabulous composer Joseph Martin Waters for putting on this exciting festival, whose theme this year is "Melody, Magic, Song and Strife."